A mentor believes in you and your dream when no one, not even you believe in you. This is why very few individuals really go out there and move their dreams into reality. There will be times when  you will feel alone, times when you will lose faith and times when no one else truly supports your dream. Some of those people that doubt you may even be the ones closest to you.

But all you really need is that one person, that one shining light, that continues to breathe Faith into you.

We are so grateful every day for our amazing mentors that have and continue to be there for us. Without doubt, we would not be where we are today if we had not locked into our mentors and trusted that at least they believed in something we obviously could not see at the time. There were countless occasions when I vividly remember our mentor saying’ If only you could see what I can see in you.’

So for a very long time I wracked my brain trying to figure it out, figure out what they see and then one day, it all became so crystal clear. Every conversation, every email, every message had finally sunk in and for the first time I could really feel what they had been saying the entire time. The dust had finally settled and there was a beautiful feeling of clarity. That magical liberating feeling of empowerment, complete faith in our goals and deep sense in knowing that our success was inevitable. Most importantly, the word Belief had taken on an entire new meaning. It was no longer just a hope or wish but an unyielding feeling of ‘knowing’ everything was exactly as it was meant to be. Just like we had imagined.

So to those of you just like Matt and myself who have amazing mentors I can sum it up in 2 words, ‘Thank You!’ And to those that have us as their shining light ‘Thank You’, for you are true inspirations and allow us to fulfil our purpose every day. So make sure you go out there, find yourself someone who believes in you and you never ever stop moving in the direction of your Dream.

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