Are you trying to get ahead while you watch other people achieving quantum leaps in their lives? Do you keep wondering why they’re lucky? Do you attend all the courses you can get yourself to and leave feeling pumped, positive and motivated, only to keep getting the same results you’ve been getting? Do you feel like you want to take your results to the next level but feel stuck? If so, trust me, you are not alone. Are you ready to redirect that spot light back on you and let the wave of abundance enter your life?

Well here’s some news that will absolutely help you achieve what it is you want. These 6 key principles are essential to your success.

1. Study yourself and develop your Awareness – otherwise known as changing your Paradigms PERMANENTLY!

Now just know that your results right now, literally everything in your life; your relationships, your income, your health, is literally programmed. So in order for you to go from earning let’s say $80,000 a year to $180,000 a year, you will need to change your thermostat. How do you do that? By reprogramming the part of your mind, called the subconscious mind. Exactly how do we do that? Well the exciting thing is that there is a time tested and proven method that has been passed down from the richest men of his era; Andrew Carnegie, who then passed it on to Napoleon Hill, who mentored Earl Nightingale, who has taught everything he knows to Bob Proctor and now straight to us, Matt and Nat. Changing your paradigm, thermostat, programming or whatever it is you want to call it, is 100% the key to changing your results. Your paradigms literally control your habits, your behaviour, everything.  Now excuse my French but they’re ‘B*#@!H to change!’ The bad news is that you are never going to get results outside of your thermostat, but the exciting news is that you can absolutely change your thermostat. If you want to know more about changing your thermostat then click here…  Studying yourself, your mind and expanding your awareness is hands down, going to get you achieving amazing results faster than most people. As our amazing friend Bob Proctor told us, ‘Your income is directly related to your level of awareness, to raise your income you must raise your awareness.’ I could not agree more.

2. Clear tangible BIG Goals

Just as a ship needs a destination to get to before it leave the dock, you too must know exactly what your goal is. You must have a clear measurable goal that you want and begin at once to work towards it, don’t even give an ounce of energy on how you will get there just choose your destination. One thing I’m not a fan of are SMART goals, I believe in fantasies, those radical goals, the unrealistic ones. In my opinion if people don’t think your goal is crazy then it’s just not big enough. You’re dealing with infinite potential here and remember if they can get a man to the moon and back safely, you can do anything. You know that the technology to even get someone to the moon didn’t even exist at the time, it happened after that goal was set. So remember you’re shooting for a measurable fantasy goal, whatever that may be to you right now. Then what you want to do is write it down on a piece of paper in the present tense. If you want to know exactly how to write a goal card as taught by Bob Proctor then click here.

3. A Burning Desire

Now a burning desire is really driven by your WHY. All successful people know what they want before they even have it but it’s their WHY that will pull them through that rollercoaster ride to achieving their goal. Start to ask yourself WHY do you want this goal? What does it mean to you, for your family, for others or the world? Everyone has a different WHY. So finding that spark that drives you is key to keeping you motivated, because you won’t have Tony Robbins personally waking you up every morning, however your why will be your motivation. A burning desire is something you can build, cultivate and discover and remember you already have a why, you just have to become aware of it.

4. Commitment & Discipline – Give yourself a command and DO IT!

This would have to be one of the most important keys to achieving your success. Without commitment and the Will to do it, you will fall back into conformity. Let’s understand that commitment is not something you either have or haven’t got; it is something you get better at with practice. I think Keneth Blanchard’s words are so accurate when he states, “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” So if you tell someone you are going to be ‘there’ at a certain time, then be there. If you declare to yourself you will make 10 business calls tomorrow, then do it; and if your phone happens to fall in the toilet and suddenly stop working then find a public phone and keep going. There really are NO excuses. This will allow you to build mental toughness that all successful people wear and you will then realize that you can achieve anything and there is nothing that is getting in your way, Period

5. Having a Mentor

One of the common denominators that ALL successful people are working with is that they all have mentors. This isn’t just someone that you look up to but someone that is there to believe in you when you lose faith in yourself. Think of a mentor as a bellow, you know those things that puff air into the fire place to keep the fire burning, that’s exactly what a mentor does. You know the road to success is not going to be all butterflies and rainbows, so when you are shifting gears and taking action you have never done before you will run straight into something called the ‘Terror Barrier’, this is where most people fall off that mountain and retreat to safety. I know my mentors have been my bellows when I started doubting myself and have helped me in more ways than I could ever express. Your mentor will always have a different perspective to you and will always want what is best for you. If you really think about it, all high-profile actors and athletes have a coach, a mentor that is holding them accountable and guiding them through their journey. Now if you haven’t got a mentor yet please get one, I cannot tell you what having a mentor has done for our financial situation and our growth as individuals, parents and entrepreneurs. Click below if you want a free coaching session with Matt and myself.

6. Faith

The cornerstone to any success is faith. Now most people can say that they believe they can achieve something, but the key is getting that belief in the subconscious mind, that part of your mind that controls all of your results. Now there is a method you can use to get faith into your subconscious mind and that is through the principle of autosuggestion. By flooding your mind with images and pictures of you already achieving your goal, you will start to feel excited and it is that feeling that will begin to build your faith. Every single one of us has faith, your job is to build your faith until what you want, your BIG goal, becomes your reality.  Matt and I have been reading the self-confidence formula in Think and Grow Rich for months, and this powerful piece of autosuggestion lies cleverly placed in what I believe is one of the most important chapters in Think and Grow Rich, Faith!

7. Positive Mental Attitude

This is arguably one of the most important things to develop when achieving any level of success. Earl Nightingale talks about ‘The Magic Word,’ in his Lead the Field audio and mentions that the magic word really is Attitude. This is so true. Have you ever wondered why positive people keep getting poor results and may even be called unlucky? I believe there is no such thing as luck; however fortune, abundance and success, is definitely acquired by creating a positive mental attitude. If you’re consciously hoping and looking at the cup being half full that’s great but if you’re programmed subconscious beliefs are negative then you will keep getting these negative results. You know what they say, the apple never falls too far from the tree and whether you see it as good thing or bad thing, your programming is set. So the question lies in ‘How do I obtain a positive mental attitude?’ and the simple answer is through constant and extensive self-study of your thoughts, feeling and actions, all of which directly control your results. If you want to know more click here..

Now I can guarantee that if you have all of these 7 principles in place you will be Guaranteed to take a quantum leap in your success. Remember success is different to everyone, but the principles of success are exactly the same. If you want to know more and see how you can begin applying these principles click here.