We LOVE this short video below because it illustrates how simple visioneering is and how to apply it the right way.

The reality is that we are visioneering all the time. However the key is to be consciously aware of the images and feelings that we give energy to. Seeing as we are using our imagination all the time anyway, why not use it for us to form a clear picture of what we want to achieve, to be, to do or to have.

The idea behind visioneering is that by creating a VISION of what you want in your IMAGINATION you can transform it into Physical Reality when you apply this regularly with faith.

Everything you see in front of you was first created in someone’s imagination, your phone, your computer.. EVERYTHING.

So how do we Visioneer the Right Way?

– Create a detailed image in your mind of what you want. Something you really want.
– Use your will to really focus and hold the image of what you want.
– Conjure up the feeling as if you already have the dream. This is really, really important.
– Apply this method of visioneering 10 minutes 3x day
– It will get easier and your picture will get clearer with practice.
– Become a true visionary and use this powerful tool to manifest your dreams.

Ultimately, FEELING is the most important thing. Do this and live in this feeling place as often and as long as you can.
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Until Next Time. . . Expect an Abundance!