Matt and Nat are not only serious students, they’re great leaders and they have changed the lives of hundreds of people, and they’re going to continue to do that.

Bob Proctor


Matt & Nat Mindset was founded in 2014 by Matthew and Natalia who are both expert coaches and certified consultants working with the Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI). Within the first 12 months of launching Matt & Nat Mindset, both Matthew and Natalia quickly became recognised as one of the world leaders and top consultants at PGI.

Matt & Nat Mindset coach clients from all corners of the globe, delivering first class Personal and Professional Development programs and services like no other. The exclusive mentorship systems that Matt & Nat offer have helped millions of individuals, families, businesses, Oscar winning Hollywood celebrities and Fortune 500 companies such as; Prudential, IBM, American Express and General Motors, just to name a few.

If you are looking to dramatically improve any area of your personal or professional life and you are ready to achieve a permanent improvement in results, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you’re an individual, elite professional, small or large Company, Matt & Nat Mindset is guaranteed to help you achieve what you want.

At Matt & Nat Mindset we pride ourselves in providing exceptional coaching to driven individuals, ensuring they achieve permanent positive changes that dramatically improve their personal performance and results.


Company Coaching

It is essential to continuously develop and invest in your team ensuring they become much more effective and productive. Corporate and Team coaching brings out the very best in every individual, it creates enthusiasm and self-motivation, promotes a harmonious culture which will lead to a profound improvement in results.


Individual & Group Coaching

Matthew & Natalia will teach you how to take control of your life and achieve the change in you results that you want. This mentorship program will equip you with all the tools you need to achieve permanent improvements in both your personal and professional life.


Keynote Speaking

Allow Matthew and Natalia to captivate your audience and empower them with new perspectives that will shift their thinking. Let them inspire your group to reach new heights as they share stories and teachings that are guaranteed to drive changes in attitudes, promote new innovating thinking and leave your audience feeling empowered to create big results.



  • Matt & Nat Mindset are going to ensure that not only you succeed professionally but your personal life flourishes at the same time. We truly believe from experience that you can have it all; thriving relationships, optimal health, financial wealth and express your hidden talents doing what you love every day.

  • Matt & Nat are mentored by what many believe is the Number 1. expert in the world in the Mind, Human Potential and Success, Bob Proctor. Our team is highly skilled and experienced Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultants that will guide you or your team through the entire process.

  • This Mentoring system is an extremely effective method of dramatically improving results permanently because it provides a unique combination of repetition, accountability, ongoing support and success principles that have been time tested and proven for over 75 years.

  • You will have a personalised approach to ensure you achieve the desired results you want with weekly one-on-one coaching.

  • You have the option of having both male and female Coaches ensuring you receive the right approach to ensure your needs are met.

  • The Mentorship system provides Life time access to ongoing Development. Once you become a client with Matt & Nat Mindset you are always supported on your journey to achieving the success you want.

  • The team at Matt & Nat Mindset help you achieve long lasting results because they address the root cause of how results actually happen. This method is so affective that once you begin our mentoring system you will understand how you can always improve any result in your life. You will be shown how to be in the driver’s seat.

  • Clients at Matt & Nat Mindset achieve incredible results in a very short period of time. From increasing sales 5 fold in less than 12 months, to increasing their commissions by 50% within 6 weeks, to being recognised by other Leaders in the Industry for their skills and talent, to achieving time freedom and increasing profits without working harder. Matt & Nat Mindset will help you leverage your time by making you one of the most effective individuals you know.

Understand the science and mechanics of Professional and Personal Success.. unlike other programs we use a time-tested and proven system which addresses the root cause of behaviour and results.



  • Who want time freedom to do what they love.

  • Who want to achieve financial freedom.

  • Who have a specific Goal they want to achieve but feel stuck.

  • That are high performing Professionals, Athletes or Performers who want to develop a powerful Mindset and Attitude, that enables them to perform at their best under any pressure.

  • Who want to improve multiple areas in their life at the same time; their professional career and personal results in relationships, health and self expression.

  • That have been achieving successful results and want to take these results to a much higher level without working harder.

  • Who want to become Extraordinary Leaders.

  • Who are facing challenge/s or obstacles in their live’s and want to achieve a successful outcome.

  • Who have studied personal development material but have not yet achieved the results they desire.


  • Who want dramatic results in performance, sales and profits.

  • Who want a reduction in turnover of employees and an increase in retention.

  • Who want to develop a culture of more proactive, creative and innovative thinking individuals.

  • Who want to turn employees non-productive habits into productive habits enabling employees/team members become more efficient and productive in their roles.

  • Who want a return on previous training investments and help individuals implement what they already know; closing the gap between what they know and what they are actually doing.

  • Who want to set and/or achieve a big Goal that motivates individual members and brings out their hidden talents.

  • Who want to break down the barriers that keep them from achieving desired results.

  • Visionaries that have an idea and are having difficulty getting their members on board feel enthused and collectively work towards achieving.

  • Who want to create powerful teams and break away from the pack but aren’t sure how.

  • Who want to create co operation among team members, a positive environment and a positive attitude regardless of the situation.

  • Who want to help employees develop qualities of leadership in addition to being good followers.

The time to act is now! Learn how
anything is possible when you start..




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I started my own network marketing business in February 2015 & it went off with a bang in the first 2 months & then I sat stagnant at the same level for nearly a year. I knew I needed to do something different. I was so grateful a friend led me to a Matt & Nat Mindset session & found the missing link was my mind!! I immediately started Thinking Into Results & my results in my business, at work & at home have changed dramatically. By setting my goals & believing I can do anything, I have done so many things I never thought possible. I have travelled more in the last 12 months than in the last 10 years, I have cut back a day at work & looking to cut back further shortly, we have bought a new block to build our dream home on but the best thing of all is the positive things that are coming out of my 4 years olds mouth! I have just started repeating the program three weeks ago & I’m so excited to see what new goals I can achieve in the near future. Thank you Matt & Nat. I will be forever grateful to you both for changing my life.

Independent Consultant - Arbonne

Harshal Likhite

I joined Thinking into results about 6 months ago and this has been a phenomenal trip, I have learned a lot about myself in 6 months than what I knew all my life. Bob proctor is an inspiration and Matt and Nat have been amazing mentors. They always seem to have a solution to my questions. I have been in the business for 5 years and my results were good however I did not know that I could do so much more and within a few months of joining the program my attitude shifted, my beliefs were challenged and my results started getting better. My sales are improving every month and I am doing things which I never dreamed of doing in the past because I used to think that it’s impossible for me. I am now fully convinced that I can achieve bigger and better goals and that I will continue to study this material for the rest of my life. I can recommend this to anyone and I am happy for anyone to call me personally if you have questions.

Harshal Likhite
Mortgage Broker - Aussie Home Loans


“The daily videos that Bob Proctor has delivered for Six Minutes to Success has been life enhancing. The videos have connected me with many other like minded individuals, who are striving with the same enthusiasm and passion in their life. It has given me the confidence to not be afraid of rejection and to rise above all difficulties and to find miracles that occur in everyday life. Six Minutes to Success sets me up for the day, and props me up when I have those weak moments.”


“As a small business owner I have not found any better tool to help me get motivated and stay on track all day long. Six Minutes has helped me get better nightly rest as my mind wanders into the future possibilities as I contemplate the daily message. After more than two years of daily Six Minutes I can truly say I am a much more positive, energized and educated entrepreneur. This is truly one of the best success tools I have and continue to use on a daily basis.”