Do you ever…

  • feel that no matter how well you are doing, it’s not enough?
  • catch yourself comparing yourself to others, feeling unworthy and not good enough?

Would you love…

  • to turn this around once and for all?
  • to become more successful, confident and abundantly deserving?
  • to become an attractive high-vibe magnet experiencing greater abundance and success with ease, love & flow?
  • to experience manifesting your most beautiful dreams over & over again?

Love & Prosper will help you shift deep feelings of unworthiness and Lack and reprogram your mind to feel WORTHY, ABUNDANT, HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL so you keep Prospering in life!

Love & Prosper will change how you feel about you and your life…. Forever!

Love & Prosper will …


Elevate You

Help you elevate your vibes so you become happier and attract more love and harmony in your life beginning with Loving you!


Develop You

Show you how to become a joyful Master Manifestor, so you fall in love with Manifesting your Dreams and celebrate manifestation after manifestation.


Empower You

Help you step into a more confident, successful, abundant and wealthier YOU right where you are right now so this becomes your new normal!

What’s Included:

♥  10 Week Program

♥  Weekly Coaching Videos that will have you Loving yourself and Prospering more than ever before!

♥  Weekly Application worksheets that will help you embody lessons to Manifest more Love & Prosperity

♥  Cleansing Meditation

♥  Physical Manifestation Journal

About Nat


Nat is an expert of the Body & Mind and shows individuals and families how to achieve Happiness, Health, Wealth, Fulfilment and Success. In a Bob Proctor seminar room in 2014, she pledged her life to improving the conscious awareness of the entire world.. one individual, one family at a time. She became a very close student of Bob Proctor and it wasn’t long before Bob had Nat working alongside him as one of his International Coaches. As a mother of 3, she leads by example and lives by the belief that you truly can ‘have it all’. When it comes to showing individuals how to tap into their Greatness and achieve what they once thought was impossible – Nat is phenomenal!

What we will Cover:


Nat will take you on a beautiful transformative journey to attract more Love, Abundance and Prosperity of all forms into your life.

Mental re-programming

Nat will help you create greater experiences of Freedom and dive deep into programming feelings of worthiness so you attract greater success with more ease.

Become the Star in your Life

Nat will help you break down those walls of disempowering beliefs you’ve been holding about yourself and plant beautifully abundant images that attract a magical, happy and wealthy life for you and your family.


This program is for the soul who is willing to open their heart, lean into love and be guided to transform their relationship with themselves.

Let the Magic begin..


“The more I love myself, the more I align with the Prosperity available to me from the Universe.”

Natalia Bugeja


How it Works

10 Life-Changing Lessons

Watch your Life-changing video Lessons sent to you via email each week!

Apply what you Learn

Complete your transformational worksheets each day, to raise your vibration, increase your worthiness and Prosper. 

Follow your Manifestation Journal

You will receive your Journal in the mail. This is a Powerful daily ritual will compliment everything you’re working through during this transformative program.


You will receive this thoughtfully created manifestation journal that will revolutionise your morning routine and set up your days for success!!

Nat has very thoughtfully created this journal with both you and herself in mind because she couldn’t find anything out there that could help her; release low vibes, raise self worth, increase happiness & gratitude, program prosperity, attract abundance and Manifest her Dreams ALL-IN-ONE place.



The tools you’ve taught me to deal with the outside world is rubbing off on my family without me even saying a thing. Amazing! 
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank You Thank you!

Desta C

Your Prosperity call Thinking into Prosperity is INCREDIBLE. I really am so grateful to have you teaching this material. What a hugh positive change it has made to me and my Thinking, belief and confidence. 

Vicki B

Nat, I listened to the “Imagine” call today and it truly helped me shift. I got to writing immediately and did the exercise. Honestly, it’s the best I’ve felt in a while. Now, I’ve just got to stay here as much as possible.

Sheena F

 “She’s got a natural touch for this and if you have the opportunity to sit down with Natalia, for goodness sake do it! She has the ability and she loves it! She will help you change your income, change your relationship, change your company, she’ll show you how to change you. Natalia does a phenomenal job.”
Bob Proctor


AU$127+ Shipping

    • Beautiful A4 Manifestation Journal shipped to you.
    • Cleansing mediation.

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    10 Week Program


    • A Full 10 Week Program
    • Weekly Video lessons sent to your email every week for 10 weeks.
    • Weekly assignments to help you integrate lessons into your life.
    • Physical Manifestation Journal

    Join Now For Only $1,997

    24 Week LIVE Coaching Program


      • A Full 24 Week Coaching Program.
      • 12 LIVE teaching lessons with Nat.
      • 12 LIVE Q&A sessions with Nat.
      • BONUS: LIVE Embodiment sessions with Nat every week.
      • Access to all session recordings
      • Comprehensive worksheets to help you integrate lessons into your life.
      • Physical Manifestation Journal
      • Payment Plan available