Matthew Bugeja

Matt is an expert in coaching and teaching people how to get the results they desire by raising their level of conscious awareness, aligning themselves with their ideal self, overcoming limiting beliefs and accepting new ideas that will propell them forward in all areas of life.

Matt is the Co-Founder at Matt & Nat Mindset. He was a mentee of and worked alongside the Legendary, late Bob Proctor where he learned how to effectively help people change their lives by understanding and applying Universal Laws and principles that govern the results we get in life.

He has helped thousands of people from all over the world and he has every intention of reaching and helping many more people over the years to come.

Don’t limit your potential, see what Matt can do for your future success starting today!

Natalia Bugeja

I absolutely LOVE helping people achieve what they once thought was unachievable. Ever since I was a practicing Naturopath, I knew that what was deemed a “terminal” disease, could in fact be cured. Intuitively I always knew ANYTHING was possible. I’ve always believed in what most would call “Miracles” and so my quest began at the age of 27 to understand exactly how to use the Mind to consciously and intentionally Manifest specific results. I flew to Canada to study and learn from world experts who understood how to use the Mind to create many miracles. I became obsessed with understanding how any idea could be Manifested regardless of the current result.
From sick to healed. From lonely to in love. From broke to prosperous. From incarcerated to Freedom. It fascinated me!

In my first 12 months in the Coaching industry, along with my husband Matt – we became one of Bob Proctor’s leading Coaches and consultants in the world and before long, we were flying from Australia to Toronto, to LA and Phoenix, mastering and teaching hundreds and then thousands of people, how to manifest ANYTHING they desired using universal laws.

To say this Coaching is our business is an understatement. To say this is how we live, this is our life.. is far more accurate. This is my purpose. This is my passion. Coaching chose me.

Achieving more in 12 months than what may have otherwise taken 5 or 10 years is what ignites my soul. I love smashing goals, breaking generational limitations, transforming into a more empowered and divine version of myself and helping others do the same.

Wholistic success is long lasting success to me.

No matter what limiting beliefs you currently have, there is a way to change them and program more empowering, loving, abundant and positive self talk!

If you have a Dream that sets your soul on fire and would love specific direction, delivered in a loving and supportive environment then I’m your coach!