What do I really want? Goals.. Such a simple word however not something I ever gave any serious thought to. If it ever came up in discussion amongst peers, the answers would often be joked about and never taken seriously. The thought that I could be, do or have anything I really wanted had never really crossed my mind until the day I met a man who is now my mentor, Bob Proctor.
In December 2014 Nat and I attended Bob’s 6 day seminar “The Matrixx” where the concepts and idea’s I was introduced to completely blew my mind! I had never heard anyone speak like this before.
At that point in my life I was 28 years old and I had been an electrician for approximately 11 years. I had my own business which consisted of me and a couple of sub-contractors. Now, if you had of asked most people who knew me they would’ve said I was in a great spot. I was married with a gorgeous one year old son, we had the house, a couple of nice cars, my own business, people working for me.. but the truth is I was totally unfulfilled with my professional life which was also affecting other areas of my personal life.
Let me take you back to when I was 17 years old. I disliked school and I had no idea what I wanted to be or do when I finished year 12. The one thing that kept circulating through my mind was “I can’t wait to get out of here!” Have you heard the saying “what you think about, comes about”? Well I clearly remember the day my folks had some electricians working at our house and my dad mentioned how good the electrical trade is (My dad is a tradesman himself) and how well they get paid. That’s all I had to hear! The next thing you know, just like that, I quit Year 12 and enrolled myself into an electrical pre-apprenticeship.
Seven and a half years later I started to question if I could do this for the rest of my working life. The answer was a definite NO! However just like in my high school days, I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I began to think earning more money would solve the problem so I quit my job when I found a higher paying electrical job. It wasn’t very long before I had enough of working 6-7 days a week, every week and not really accomplishing anything that really fulfilled me. I was then introduced to the world of Trading the US Markets and I thought that was my ticket to freedom! I was going to become a “Full-time trader” driving around in my Lamborghini. haha Well that didn’t turn out quite the way I had hoped, I got fired from my electrical job (a blessing) for refusing to work overtime every weekend and I parted ways with approximately $50k in the stock market (ouch). I then decided I would start my own electrical business, no one could fire me, I could work the hours I wanted and I could earn a lot more money. Tick, tick and tick!!! See, I was thinking like most people do, I was going from what I knew I could do (Electrical) to what I thought I could do (Professional trader) and then back to what I knew I could do when things got challenging. Unfortunately this is the way most people live their lives. They are bouncing between what they know they can do and what they think they can do. When they hit a bump in the road they go back to doing what they know they can do, the comfort zone. People are not going after what they would really LOVE to do! That’s the problem, that was my problem.
This all changed for me at the seminar with Bob Proctor back in 2014. Bob opened my mind and actually got me thinking about what it was that I really wanted to do with my life. Now when I first started doing this the automatic mental response I got was “But HOW am I going to do that?”. Well I quickly learnt, you don’t need to know the “how”, the how is shown to you as you make a decision and start working your way towards it.
Nat and I purchased Bob and Sandy’s Thinking into Results Program which really helped me to pin-point my passion for teaching and helping people succeed whilst creating a life of freedom for me and my family. Three months into the program I began to teach and share this material full time. I went from tradesman to consultant in 3 months and I was beside myself! I wanted everyone to do this program!! It was completely changing the way I viewed the world and what I was capable of achieving in my life! All of a sudden I was really passionate and enthused about work and growing my business and I had so much more energy. I felt like I was actually going somewhere, I was doing something great with my life, I felt alive! The amazing thing is my life just keeps getting better and better, the more I work on myself the more I understand myself. The more I self-aware I become the better my life gets. This is a quote from one of my favourite authors
“Perfect self-expression will never be labor; but of such absorbing interest that it will almost seem like play.” 
Florence Shovel Shinn
You first want to find out what it is you really want, search deep down within by asking yourself the right questions. “If I knew I could not fail and I knew money was not going to be an issue, what is it that I would really love to do?”  Write yourself a shopping list of things and then pick out the one that most appeals to you. Use your Intuition to guide you in the right direction. To learn more about Intuition view this video.
I’m certain that simple yet effective exercise will begin to uncover that little gem that’s hiding inside you and when you decide what it is on that list that you want most, its going to light the fire within you just like it did for me.  If you don’t think you’re in the right business or career, know that getting into the right business or career is only a decision away.  Make a decision to dedicate time towards studying yourself and finding out what your true passion is and start working towards getting there.
If I can do it, so can you!
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Until Next Time. . .   Expect an Abundance!