I recently met Matt and Nat for the first time ever at an information evening on the Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction itself is not new to me, nor is the concept that I have the power to change my own life: I’ve read The Secret; I know of Bob Proctor; I’m into the teachings of Abraham … but none of this has really helped me so far to access, unlock, or even to recognise what has been holding me back from achieving some of my more important dreams – some of which I’ve put a great deal of effort into over the years.
Then, at that first meeting, Matt and Nat drew a little stick figure, drew a horizontal line through its oversized head, and a few minutes of explanation later … on went a lightbulb!! A big one!! Suddenly I “got” where the “programs” that run my life sit; how they got there; and why they’re so reluctant to move on! I’ve studied a bit of psychology and not one of the mammoth text books explained it so simply or clearly as this little stick figure.
But if I thought that was going to be my one and only ‘light bulb’ moment after meeting this delightful, dynamic young couple, then I was wrong. I’ve had the privilege of spending a few more hours with them since, and our meetings have been dotted with such enlightening moments and experiences. Not only are Nat and Matt generous with their time and knowledge, they’re passionate and creative and they truly walk the walk. Already, in just a short few weeks, they’ve given me an appetite for expecting more of myself and for myself … but the best thing is, I know I don’t have to create the recipe or find all the ingredients on my own. Meeting Matt and Nat was undoubtedly the ‘Law of Attraction’ in operation ‘cos already they’ve provided me with some of the answers I’ve been looking for for yonks!