I’ve often sat back and watched how a calm, clearly spoken, well dressed and exuberantly confident person could just stand up in front of thousands of people and have the audience completely mesmerized. Why is it that they can hold themselves with such a sense of knowing, have such a strong belief in themselves and be able to disregard any negative opinion.
What makes them stand out above the rest? What gives them that edge? And above all else, how on earth did they get to be so successful in their field?
After studying human behaviour extensively and being mentored by one of the world leaders in human potential, Bob Proctor, I now know what separates the shy timid person, fearful of raising their hand to ask a question with the confident solo performer on stage having nailed yet another outstanding performance. And it really is that simple.. Confidence is not gained or learnt or taught, it is and has always been there. The key is to become aware of it, be it and express it consistently. You already have the confidence that you require to ask your boss for that raise, or to quit your job and follow your dream or to ask that person out on a date and even to reach that big crazy goal that most think is impossible.  When you take a step back and really understand confidence and where it stems from it is all in how a child gets brought up in this world. A child who is raised with praise will grow up to be a confident adult. All they hear is ‘You can do it!’ ‘I am great!’ ‘I did it’ ‘I CAN’ so they believe that they can accomplish what they want and the world knows it.
Now the beautiful thing is that you can change your self-image, be a million times more confident and have an amazing opinion of yourself to begin achieving those things you really want, right now! I really believe confidence is the cornerstone to success for without it, a dream will stay a mere fantasy.
When I discovered that I could change my confidence or rather, release my inner confidence, I just wanted to share that if I can do it, so can you. I can definitely relate to being that last person picked for that school team and now I am so glad that I can share this powerful wisdom with my children.
One of the key things I have applied in my life to become more confident is read this particular formula every day in front of the mirror for months. It really is the repetition of this that is so essential. I thought I would give you an opportunity to do what I have done and sign your name to this formula until you commit it to memory and repeat it aloud once a day. Click here to Download Napolean Hill’s famous self-confidence formula and begin unlocking your true potential. You will be amazed how the discipline of reading this aloud in front of the mirror and having those 20 seconds of courage every day, will get you becoming that strong, confident and powerful individual you really are.


Try it for 30 days and let us know how you go..

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