I will have to warn you from the outset, this simple read is absolutely phenomenal, whether you are just starting out on your personal development journey or if you have been on your journey for quite some while. If you haven’t read this book then you are truly missing out on some of the phenomenal teachings master thinker Bob Proctor has compiled for you.

Wherever you are in your stage of growth You Were Born Rich is simply amazing! It is such an easy read and was in fact one of the first personal development books I ever read and I learnt so much from it.

It is so practical and really gets you on the path of wherever you want to go. With help of the Proctor Gallagher Institute I even developed a program called You Were Born Rich based entirely on this book and people absolutely loved it!

From improving your money consciousness, to understanding some of the laws of the universe, to helping you build your faith and really allow abundance in, this book is Gold! I love how Bob Proctor has put this all together in such a simple yet effective way. 
From start to finish you will absolutely love this book, Guaranteed! It took Bob over 20 years to write this book, compiling his life lessons and teachings of success and I honestly believe that anyone interested in improving themselves should read this book at least a couple of times to harness it’s amazing power. The cover may throw some people off because it has the word Rich in it, but you have to see past it, understanding that you were born with the power to have anything you want in life whatever it is and that is truly living a Rich life!

Get your copy here and start highlighting the bits you love, I can assure youyou will go back to it from time to time. Happy reading 🙂