I joined Thinking into results about 6 months ago and this has been a phenomenal trip, I have learned a lot about myself in 6 months than what I knew all my life. Bob proctor is an inspiration and Matt and Nat have been amazing mentors. They always seem to have a solution to my questions. I have been in the business for 5 years and my results were good however I did not know that I could do so much more and within a few months of joining the program my attitude shifted, my beliefs were challenged and my results started getting better. My sales are improving every month and I am doing things which I never dreamed of doing in the past because I used to think that it’s impossible for me. I am now fully convinced that I can achieve bigger and better goals and that I will continue to study this material for the rest of my life. I can recommend this to anyone and I am happy for anyone to call me personally if you have questions.