Think Into Your Results

I joined Thinking into results about 6 months ago and this has been a phenomenal trip, I have learned a lot about myself in 6 months than what I knew all my life. Bob proctor is an inspiration and Matt and Nat have been amazing mentors. They always seem to have a solution to my questions. I have been in the business for 5 years and my results were good however I did not know that I could do so much more and within a few months of joining the program my attitude shifted, my beliefs were challenged and my results started getting better. My sales are improving every month and I am doing things which I never dreamed of doing in the past because I used to think that it’s impossible for me. I am now fully convinced that I can achieve bigger and better goals and that I will continue to study this material for the rest of my life. I can recommend this to anyone and I am happy for anyone to call me personally if you have questions .

Harshal Likhite
Mortgage Broker

""Matt always makes me accountable and Nat always gives a different but salient perspective-can this go on forever?" "Matt & Nat Mindset is definitely part of my dream team and a crucial part of my team's ever present success." " I appreciate both you and Matt. You are both genuinely invested in helping us all - thank you." "I'll never be able to thank you guys enough.. this move would have never been possible if it wasn't for you guys teaching me that I can have what I want and that I can take control of my own life." "You both have truly the most amazing energy and attitude towards life and have opened my eyes to a new way of living that I was totally unaware of."" - Astrid, Kiss Promotions, Melbourne
"Since starting The Thinking into results program with Matthew and Natalia I have noticed a dramatic change in the way I think and act. The material supplied has had such a beneficial impact in the growth of my development." - Holly

It all started when i was 17, went to school make up free, feeling good about myself until one day i looked up at a guy i thought was a mate, he held up a picture he drew of me, a person i didn’t want to become. He draw the picture of me with pimples over my face. Then he turned around and said ” hahaa i could play dot to dot on your face because of how many pimples you have” From that day on, i started to cover my identity with layers of foundation. From that day on i became very insecure and hated my skin. From that day until i turned 23 i wore foundation, tried endless amount of products, wasted a lot of money becuase nothing worked to my expectation.

After years of hate, embarrassment of my true self, i started to uncover my face from what was hidden underneath all that foundation and started to feel comfortable in my skin. I met the love of my life and we decided to get married. All i kept thinking about was having clear beautiful skin on my wedding day. Then i was introduced to TIR. I started TIR to clear my skin and feel confident again. Within 3 months my dream came true. Every 2 weeks i completed each lesson, attended the webinars, each morning i did my gratitude and mirror work, every night i completed my lines and visioned my clear skin on my wedding day, and guess what, it worked!!! I woke up the happiest girl ever and sooo confident i didn’t have to feel insecure and hide away from my skin.

TIR can really change your life if you put your mind to it and be persistent!!! It changed my life and it can truly change yours, you will no longer need to waste money and products, the tools are right in front of you!!! Just do it, believe and you will recieve. Thank you matt and nat for being inspiring people, you both are amazing and wouldn’t have got the results i wanted without your support and believing in me.

Melissa Serovski
Victoria, Australia