Confidence, self-esteem, self-image what do all these things have to do with success? Well, EVERYTHING! I got introduced to the concept of self-image when I started to work on lesson 6 of the amazing Thinking into Results Program and I must say, it has completely and utterly changed my life.

I’ll admit I was one who always battled and inferiority complex and can now say that I’ve compared myself to others my entire life. Why? Because like 95% or more of the entire population ‘have their life blighted by feelings of inferiority to some extent, and to millions this same feeling of inferiority is a serious handicap to success and happiness’ says Maxwell Maltz, the author of Psycho-cybernetics.
What I learnt from studying self image is that all of our results, our income, our happiness in relationships, our weight and health, literally every part of our lives is dictated by the inner image we have of ourselves. The more we study and discover how warped many of the images we have of ourselves really are, the more we can change them through effective visualisation and when we do, we literally lift the invisible lid that has been pinning us down from achieving extraordinary results. I can say that by working on my self image and in particular doing lesson 6 of TIR (Thinking into Results) I saw my self image dramatically change and intern multiplied my income x 5, that’s a 500% increase. You see deep down I had this warped idea that I was’t worth very much in many ways especially financially. Despite having a Naturopathic degree and studying Personal Development I held a very strong belief that I couldn’t charge for my services, I felt guilty, why? Because of such a poor self-image. So whilst on the outside I looked like one person, deep down on the inside I was feeling quite the opposite; inferior, other’s could do it but I couldn’t. I even compensated this inferiority by trying to be more loud and looking like I knew a lot, but that only reminded me of how little I felt on the inside. So in hindsight I had been comparing myself some way or another to others since I could earliest remember and that was the age of 4.
This was not my fault, my self-image was passed on genetically and was dramatically shaped by my environment growing up.
I can hands on heart say this concept alone and studying it repeatedly and answering key questions in Thinking into Results has changed my life for the better. As a mother, wife, leader in our Company, mentor, daughter, sister and friend, I can honestly say that my true feelings about myself are night and day.
This marvellous book on Self-image is a great gem and absolutely love it! So what does happen when you improve your self-image.. once again.. EVERYTHING! Your income, your relationships with everyone around you, your performance in your chosen path, you express your true creativity without judgement, you advance in life because you no longer question your ability, your body and health dramatically improve, you stand tall and start walking with your head held high knowing you were put on this planet to make a difference.

I think this is a must for anyone and would absolutely love to hear what you think of this book once you’ve read it. Take your time, digest it, re-read sections if you need to until you get it and do the exercises.

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Thank you Maxwell Maltz