I want to share with you that the journey of transformation is not all roses and rainbows and it’s not a maths equation that is perfect and exact every time, it is however, for those who ARE ready and are willing. It is for those who want more and have realized something. It is for those who want to rise and be better than they were last year, last month and yesterday. It is for those who feel that they are here for a great reason. So my message to you is that if you just keep going with your CLEAR end goal in mind and you push off the edge of safety and start swimming, you WILL get there. If you never let go of the edge you will never understand let alone see the amazing life on the other side. If you only just push off the edge and stop moving you will eventually get tired and drown BUT if you just keep swimming and occasionally lie on your back and catch your breath only for a short while and KEEP MOVING towards the horizon, towards your prize, towards your vision, then you WILL get there. There is a price to pay though. That price is being WILLING to let go of the edge even though you can only see your exact destination in your mind, that price is to trust in something, to trust that everything is going to be perfect, that price is to keep moving even though you may be cold and your head tells you to go back, that price is to let go of the edge and never think of retreating back, that price is to keep focused on your destination even though you feel that at times you are hallucinating and feel like you’re going crazy, that price is sheer determination and a burning desire to get there. And so.. the journey, that deep ocean swim will become so much easier when you surround yourselves around others that have dived into the ocean of life with you. The ones crazy enough to bomb off the edge into the ocean and one’s radical enough to let go of the safe shores and swim! So as long as you keep moving against the current, towards the direction you want and FOCUS only on exactly what it is you want even though you don’t know how, then the wonderful answer my friends.. is that ..YOU WILL GET THERE!!!