“If there is a block in the flow of money in my life, it must be a temporary human block which I have within my own consciousness. I now break the block. I accept money, appreciate money, use money and shall never be afraid of money.”
What a powerful passage in this tiny little green book. I must say when one of my mentor’s told me to purchase this book I had no idea what I was in for. When I received it I thought, ‘is that is, this tiny little book looks more like a Church booklet than a traditional book.’ Then I began reading it and boy, did it blow my mind. At the time I began reading it I really was battling a bad financial paradigm. On the outside more money was going out than coming in and I felt that I really had to change something, ultimately my relationship with money and my beliefs around it was the key, so I read this book and my faith was quickly restored.
What hit me most in this book is when the author firmly states ‘You will find that the people who have the greatest freedom in money are the people who no longer have to think about money. They have arrived at a subconscious conviction that they will always have it.’
Wow, what an amazing way to think about it. I probably spent most of my days worrying about my finances that this idea alone was enough to rattle my cage of beliefs.

When changing your beliefs and relationship with money it is your subconscious mind that has to be changed in order to receive more of it. What this book showed me was that I didn’t have a great relationship with money and how to start changing it. I had to start thinking like those people that were never afraid of money or not having it. It really opened my eyes in a big way.

The idea of Money being God in action is such a brilliant notion. It alludes us to the fact that circulation is around us everywhere; in our bloodstream, in the oceans, the seasonal changes etc and we must see money as a form of circulation too. Not smothering it when we have it and not being fearful of it when we don’t. There is not coincidence 97% of the population aren’t thriving when it comes to their finances and why 3% of the population are really the ones earning all the money. Reject any negative idea as to why this is so and just understand the mere fact that people that have an abundance of money are the ones that have an excellent relationship with it. So many of my beliefs got shaken up when I read this book and it is important for you to know that any old belief can be changed, no matter how limiting it is.

Trust me, do yourself a favour and work on improving your relationship with money and start seeing it as a wonderful thing capable of increasing your services significantly. I’ll leave you with a beautiful piece written on the inside of the back cover by Rev. Dr Harry Emerson Fossick. A reminder of the good that happens when we have more money.

‘A DOLLAR is a miraculous thing. It is a man’s personal energy reduced to portable form and endowed with powers the man himself does not possess. It can go where he cannot go; speak languages he cannot speak; lift burdens he cannot touch with his fingers; save lives with which he cannot directly deal, so that a man busy all day downtown can at the same time be working in boys’ clubs, hospitals, settlements, childcare centers, all over the city.’

Get a hold of this green little gem “Money is God in Action” and help get the circulation of money into your life!