Mental Blocks.

Do you feel you’re trying so hard and things just aren’t going your way?
Has the door been closed shut to the good you desire?
Has your abundant supply been reduced to a mere drip?

If your answer is yes, then this may be a very helpful blog for you. There is an emotion that is a common cause of the lack of supply in the lives of so many. Supply being whatever you want, wealth, love or good health. That emotion is envy. If you see others doing, achieving or possessing anything your heart desires and you feel envious, you are subconsciously projecting lack and limitation to the universe and you can only receive more of the same. It is a Universal Law that like energy always attracts like energy. The Law of Attraction happens every time for everyone just as certainly as the Law of Gravity will always cause a pen that rolls from your desk to go straight down.

Entertaining any form of envious emotions put you in a negative vibration which causes your supply to flow away from you and allow more negative conditions and circumstances to flow towards you. A great way to counteract these negative emotions is to affirm the opposite. For example, if you desire more wealth and you feel yourself getting envious or irritated when you encounter someone who is prosperous, bless them and wish them greater and greater wealth. You are now using the Law of non-resistance and Love which will neutralise the negative thoughts in your mind and open the channel for the good you desire to begin flowing towards you.

Remember the block or obstacles getting in the way of the good you desire lie in the unseen thoughts in your subconscious mind. Through self-study and understanding the way your marvellous mind works, you can remove these mental blocks and move forward to have all the good your heart desires.