Hey there Goal Achiever!

Welcome to this weeks lesson – Closing the Knowing Doing Gap 

Follow these step by step instructions:

1. Watch the below session where Matt will help you become aware of the primary cause of your results so you can begin the process of creating the results you want. 

2. Answer the individual questions for Lesson 2 – Knowing Doing Gap from your Thinking into Results program guide. 

3. Complete the side of your goal card that says, “My Success in life is my responsibility.” Write the 1-2 habits that if you were to change would make the biggest improvement in your results. 

4. List and action your 6 goal achieving activities daily. It’s not as much about how much you do, but how you do what you do that is most important. So if you only manage to get 3 goal achieving activities completed today, but you did them really well, that’s great! Move the rest of your list to the next day. 

Your Coaches,

Matt & Nat



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