Wow this classic “As a Man Thinketh” is not Bob Proctor’s number #1 book on his must read list, for no reason. Whilst it is a short little book, it is a goldmine of gems and gives and incredible insight into the power of thought. I absolutely love the chapter on the ‘Effect of Thought on Health and the Body’ as it talks about why people get sick in the first place and how to cure a ‘sickened body.’ As a qualified Naturopathic practitioner, I wish I had read and understood this one short chapter many years ago and I would strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the mind and body connection or to be more specific, the power of thought and emotion on the physical body.

Out of the incredible 7 short chapters that I would urge you to study carefully, my favourite has to be the last one, Serenity. What a beautiful word and what an outstanding few pages of literature.
As I sit writing this blog here in my office, I am in the middle of re-writing this chapter (Serenity) every single day and really impressing further having a calmer and more serene mind. The truth is the higher you go up the success ladder the calmer the individuals are at the top. They are such effective, calm, productive individuals who don’t let the tides and torrents of circumstances affect them. Think about that alone, no matter what is going on, on the outside they remain ‘poised, steadfast and serene.’ 97% of people are living their lives though their 5 senses and that causes chaos. So to counteract this programming handed down I have really dedicated the next 90 days to writing this out daily. I have noticed such an incredible change in the week I’ve been doing it, responding so much more than reacting. It’s a great 90 day challenge to partake in every year.
It feels like my “bible” at this time of my life expecting our 2nd child and I am grateful to be really imbedding this calmness into our unborn child. What parent doesn’t want themselves or their family to be programmed to be tranquil, to have their thoughts ‘controlled and purified.’
I believe there is not 1 person on this earth who wouldn’t benefit from this book and in particular writing out the Serenity chapter often. What an incredible world it would be if we reduced the explosive tempers, the uncontrolled passion.. ungoverned grief.. anxiety and doubt.’ Well that is the power of this passage.
For you girls and ladies out there, to make it more impactful as you re-write, read or study this lyrical piece we have created a female version for you. I personally resonate more with this slightly edited (Matt & Nat female version). Feel free to download your free chapter on Serenity (below) and get a hold of this absolutely phenomenal little book, ‘As a Man Thinketh’ from our store. It is definitely one of my personal favourites and a true masterpiece on the power of thought.

Serenity Chapter Free Download- Female