Money. Read this article to have a clear idea of exactly where you stand.

Most people when they see the words ‘money’ and ‘control’ in the same sentence are quick to shut down the idea that money could ever be controlling them. However the reality is that most of us have grown up being controlled by the very thing that most people want, resent, and don’t truly understand and that is.. money.

Let me ask you this.. when was the last time you saw something you absolutely loved and really wanted it and bought it without even looking or thinking about the price? When was the last time you felt you wanted to really treat yourself with a hair cut, a massage, or night away somewhere beautiful and just did it not thinking twice? If you really do want something and you look at the price of it to establish whether you should purchase it or not, the truth is, you are being controlled by money, just like the other 90 something percent of the population.

So hang on a minute if that is what life is like being controlled by money then what would life even look like and most importantly feel like if you were in fact the master and money was your servant. Let’s use our imagination for a minute..  The next time your mum or child asks for a day in with you on a random weekday, you can say YES and not hesitate twice because you do not have go to work for money, in fact money is not an issue so you can go and be there for someone without the need to be trading time for money. Isn’t it ludicrous how many times we’ve said NO to potentially life altering moments, experiences, and true gifts of life because we have had to trade time for that one thing.. Money. We’ve missed out on special birthdays because we had to ‘work,’ we’ve had to miss out on seeing our grandchildren swim because it’s the cleaning day, when hiring a cleaner would  allow us to have both of the things we want at the same time. You can buy that special gift for your partner and treat yourself to that amazing day spa without any guilt. That true abundant feeling. Just imagine you never, ever, ever had to think, worry or fear not having money. What a different life that would be for many. How much mental energy do we spend thinking about money, worrying about money or the lack of it and depleting our creativity focusing on something that for the most part is all in our imagination. I know I use to have it hanging on the back of my mind and I didn’t even realise. It takes study, understanding and discipline to train your mind to being the master of money and money truly being your servant only.

You see, as time goes on we become more and more enslaved by money and then blame it for the very thing that allows us to buy our freedom. The reality is we need food, water and shelter to survive, but having the money we really want, allows us to really live that abundant life of FREEDOM we desire deep down even if we hesitate to admit it even to ourselves. That is what abundance feels like. It is a true liberating feeling that you are abundant in everything you desire. Close your eyes and just feel it, even if your conditions and circumstances are the opposite. Just shut it out and really feel truly abundant and hold that feeling. Keep practicing this every day and focus on holding it longer and longer with a deep sense of gratitude for it. You will be amazed as to what happens.

It’s time let go of the negative stigmas about money and to start to Want more, Be more, Do more, Have more and complete the cycle by Giving more! It’s time to start to Live a more liberating, fulfilling life and create those memories that will be forever imprinted in hour hearts.

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